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Chhatrapati Rajarshi Shahu Bank list of IFSC Codes

IFSC Code: CRUB0000001
Branch: Ho
Contact: 9422240542 : Contact Person:Mr Chandanshiv B.N.-Ceo 2442222154,2442226064
City: Beed
District: Beed
State: Maharashtra
Address: Janadhar Bhavan, Jalna Road, Beed, Dist. Beed.State:Maharashtra-431122
IFSC Code: CRUB0000002
Branch: Main
Contact: 9422240592 : Contact Person:Mr Thorat V.D.-Bm 2442224206
City: Beed
District: Beed
State: Maharashtra
Address: Janadhar Bhavan, Jalna Road, Beed,Dist. Beed.State:Maharashtra-431122
IFSC Code: CRUB0000003
Branch: Market Yard
Contact: 9423691657 : Contact Person:Mr Kotule B.U.-Bm 2442227223
City: Beed
District: Beed
State: Maharashtra
Address: Mondha, Beed, Dist. Beed,State:Maharashtra-431122.
IFSC Code: CRUB0000004
Branch: Kaij
Contact: 9423690974 : Contact Person:Mr Pawar B.A.-Bm 2445252657
City: Kaij
District: Beed
State: Maharashtra
Address: Kanadi Road, Kaij, Dist. Beed,State:Maharashtra-431123
IFSC Code: CRUB0000005
Branch: Majalgaon
Contact: 8275080688 : Contact Person: Mr Nevade S.B.-Bm 2443234136
City: Manjlegaon
District: Beed
State: Maharashtra
Address: Court Road, Majalgaon, Dist. Beed,State:Maharashtra-431131
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How to use NEFT, RTGS and IMPS for fund transfer for Shahu Bank?

For online fund transfer, apart from the IFSC Code of Shahu Bank (which is provided in this website), you need to know the Account details like number, holders name as in bank records and type (typically saving or current). Chhatrapati Rajarshi Shahu Bank list of IFSC codes provided alongside will help you in finding code for respective banks. You can then use this information to carry out online banking. Online mode of payments can be used for transactions like premium payments, bill payments, ticket booking, donations, shopping, etc.

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IFSC code for Shahu Bank

Shahu Bank IFSC code can be used by both the National Electronic Fund Transfer and Real Time Gross Settlement finance transfer systems. Rajarshi Shahu Bank NEFT, RTGS and IMPS codes are provided by RBI. NEFT transactions are settled in batches while RTGS transactions are settled individually. IMPS presents an instant 24X7, electronic fund transfer. IFSC Code is an 11 character code for identifying bank branches participating in online fund transfers. This code is unique for each branch. Please NOTE that not all branches of a bank provide net banking facility.

How to find Shahu Bank IFSC Codes?

The table alongside provides the Shahu Bank IFSC code list. One can use this IFSC code finder to find IFSC Code for Rajarshi Shahu Bank for NEFT or RTGS or IMPS codes before using them. You can find IFSC codes for Rajarshi Shahu Bank branches in India. Narrow down your search for IFSC Codes either by selecting any particular state from the drop down list or by selecting the state in the table on the right side.

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You can search through around 24+ IFSC Codes of Shahu Bank! We are making earnest efforts in keeping the information updated by adding IFSC codes of Shahu Bank as they get available on RBI website.